Music Woodwind

  • La Tromba Key Oil
    Easy access everywhere thanks to the thin cannula.
  • La Tromba Key Oil
    New bottle with improved application performances.
La Tromba Key Oil
A wide-ranging key lubricant for
  • keys,
  • rod end bearings,
  • linkage joints
  • lever hinges.
Provides a smooth and quick action and protects against wear and corrosion.

  • La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease
    15 g pot
  • La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease
  • La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease
    3g pot
La Tromba Slide & Cork Grease (red)

A multi-purpose musical instrument grease for woodwinds.

This long-lasting cork lubricant
  • provides for smooth tenon joint assembly.
  • ensures long cork life.
  • preserves corks without caking.
  • also suggested for saxophone neck screws.
  • temperature-stable.
  • can be obtained in several boxes:
  white box 3 g
  black box 15 g
  workshop tin 100 g
  workshop tin 1 kg
  can 5 kg
  • La Tromba Slide and Cork Grease
    3g pot
La Tromba Slide & Cork Grease (white) is a synthetic lubricant similar to the traditional deer suet, but not subject to any ageing process.
  • long-lasting cork lubricant
  • provides for smooth tenon joint assembly
  • ensuring long cork life
  • preserves joint corks without caking. 

  • La Tromba Cork Grease Stick

La Tromba Cork Grease Stick
Thanks to the stick, this synthetic grease is easy to handle. 
  • Provides for smooth tenon joint assembly
  • Ensures long cork life
  • Preserves corks without caking.
  • Record Tenon Grease Stick

RECORD Tenon Grease / Sliding Stick for flutes
A long-lasting, synthetic tenon lubricant that provides smooth tenon joint assembly.
  • Easy to apply thanks to the stick.

  • La Tromba Lip Tonic Stick
This premium lip tonic has been specifically developed for brass and woodwind players. 
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Protects against dry and cracking lips
  • With essential oils
  • Refreshing.

  • La Tromba Oil for Woodwind instruments
  • La Tromba Oil for woodwind instruments

La Tromba Oil for woodwind instruments

The inner side of woodwind instruments needs to be protected from the saliva, which causes little cracks. A few drops regularly applied form a protective film that preserves the instrument and increases its lifespan. La Tromba Oil for woodwind instruments is odorless and provides an excellent protection due to its penetration rate. 

  • La Tromba Anti-Heiser
    Anti Condense

La Tromba Anti Heiser (Anti Condense) fights against, removes and protects from the accruing sediments in the head of the recorder by applying regularly a few drops in the air exit opening.

  • La Tromba Oil for panpipes
  • La Tromba Oil for Panpipes

LA TROMBA Oil for Panpipes
  • Prevents cracking of the pipes
  • Protects against saliva
  • Increases the pan flute lifespan