Major events of the Chemical Factory Schachen Ltd, Switzerland
The Chemical Factory Schachen Ltd, firm manufacturing soap and soapflakes, is mentioned for the first time in the commercial register.

Followed a diversification in manufacturing products for trade, industry and agriculture:
  • Oil and grease
  • Cleaning and polishing products
  • Leather care products for shoe and leather industry as well as for the swiss army.
Mrs I. Hemmeler develops the 
LA TROMBA valve oil. (for the full story, follow the link FAQ)
During the next couple of years, 16 other products are developed for brass and woodwind instruments under the brands "LA TROMBA" and "RECORD". 
Mrs I. Hemmeler becomes general manager and main shareholder of the Chemical Factory Schachen Ltd. It's under her overall control that the "LA TROMBA" and the "RECORD" products for brass and woodwind instruments were developed and marketed over all the world.

Mrs I. Hemmeler dies on September 18th. In october, the heirs approach the family Walch for a possible takeover of the company. They reach a full agreement on February 21th 2014. All recipes, manufacturing equipments and customer lists were legally purchased by Mr Walch. All former employees without exception had the opportunity to stay at the CFS. The income loss for the duration of the negotiation was compensated by Mr Walch.
Since March 2014, Mr Walch leads the company with Simon and Marianne Freiburghaus (Marianne is Mr Walch's daughter), assisted by Barbara Stadelmann and Daniel Hemmeler, daugther and son of Mrs I. Hemmeler.

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